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Product Story

A resistance band set is an excellent tool to help improve your posture. With resistance bands you can stretch out your back and chest muscles much more efficiently.  Stretching and exercising these muscles is critical to improving your posture. 

See video for the best resistance band exercises to improve posture



Designed for aerobic and anaerobic exercise, physical fitness and weight loss.

Portable and convenient perfect for travel or at home.

Can also be used in conjunction with weights and other fitness equipment.

Can effectively build muscle, strength, and tone the body.

Control the tension by shortening or lengthening the band.

Strong cushioned foam handles with Zinc alloy clips and D-Ring. 

Easy to transport in included carrying bag.

Comfortable foam handles included.

A clip attaches at either end of each resistance band.


Can these be attached to a wall?
Yes, they can be attached to a wall.

Are these good for travelers?
Perfect for travelers! Our Resistance Bands are lightweight and easy to use anywhere.

Are the bands safe to use?
Yes, our Resistance Bands have snap guard inner safety cord. It will prevent damage to the bands from over stretching and protects you in the rare case that a band does snap.

Can I use these with the P90x workout?
Yes, we would recommend them for P90X workout.

Do they all have similar length?
Yes, all bands are 42″ Long and approx 1/2” diameter.

Do these bands actually build muscle and strength?
Yes, our Resistance Bands can effectively build muscle, strength, and tone the body.

What is the maximum weight that the door anchor can handle?
We would say up to 300 pounds.

How long do they last?
Our Resistance Bands are made of high-quality grade material and should last for a long time. To maximize its lifetime store it properly after every use.

Does this set come with the heavy duty small anywhere anchor?

Can this be used instead of dumbbells?
Yes, our Resistance Band is designed for aerobic and anaerobic exercise, physical fitness and weight loss.

Can this help with my posture?
Yes, our Resistance Band is an excellent tool to help improve your posture through exercising and stretching.

Any care instructions?
Avoid too much sun exposure and keep them away from high temperatures.

Are these good for lower body workout?
Yes, you can do leg and glute workout with our Resistance Bands.

What are the bands made of?
Our Resistance Bands are made of natural latex, super strong inner safety cords, nylon & ABS cores, woven nylon webbing, solid iron clips, and dense neoprene.


All bands are 42″ Long and approx 1/2” diameter.

5 Color Bands each with different level of tension:

Yellow Band – Extra Light ( 8 LBS)

Green Band – Light (11 LBS)

Red Band – Medium (16 LBS)

Blue Band – Heavy (24 LBS)

Black Band – Extra Heavy (28LBS)

Package Includes:

1x of Extra Light Resistance Band – Yellow

1x of Light Resistance Band – Green

1x of Heavy Resistance Band – Blue

1x of Extra Heavy Resistance Band – Black

1x of Medium Resistance Band – Red

2x Foam Handles

2x of Ankle Straps

1x Carry Bag

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