Electric Car Windshield Defroster Heater 12V

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Product Story

As the harsh and cold winter looms, ensure that your vehicle is fitted with a portable car heater that is capable of keeping it warm and cozy. Our powerful car heater not only adds warmth throughout your vehicle, but it also helps defrost windows when it just gets too frosty.



Exerting out 12 volts of power, the 12v car heater is capable of blowing out heat of up to 100 ℃ with extreme ease. Plus, the car defroster is designed with four blower holes that help deliver heat at a faster rate.

Not only that, but the windshield defroster also comes with four powerful fans that swiftly defrost ice that form a hard shell on your windshield. With its compact design, the car block heater sits perfectly on your dashboard without getting in the way of your driving.


Best out of all, the windshield heater comes with two separate switches so that you have the option to only use one side if needed. Have a hassle-free driving experience during the winter time by equipping your vehicle with our heavy-duty car block heater.


COMPACT -  Due to its compact design, the car space heater is extremely compact and fits most dashboards. It does not distract you from driving and doesn't give you unneeded blind spots that may cause accidents.

EASY TO INSTALL - Our windshield heater requires very little effort to install on the dashboard of your car. All that you have to do is to stick the car window defroster onto your dashboard with an adhesive or with screws.

VERSATILE - Not only can the camping 12 volt heater warm up your car, but it can also defrost the windows to prevent the snow from hardening. This is especially useful when you use your vehicle on a daily basis.


Product Size: 30 * 12 * 7cm

Materials Products: Electronic Components + Metal

Product color: Black

Number of fans: Four

Product weight:1100g


Power: 500W


1x Portable Car Defroster

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