Heavy Duty Gas Powered Hydraulic Fence T Post Pile Driver 32.7cc

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Product Story

Easily drive thick poles and posts to the ground with the help of our heavy-duty and reliable pile driver. Equipped with a 32.7cc motor, the t post driver has no problem with breaking down tough soil to securely mount poles deep into the ground. 



Equipped with an open-end cylindrical attachment, the post driver fits perfectly on top of the post for better mounting results. This feature of the fence post driver also keeps the post from moving or shifting while you're putting tons of pressure on it.

To promote the post's seamless mounting to the ground, the post pounder comes with a piling and chisel attachment to break down the soil. Simply use these attachments to loosen up the ground so you won't have a hard time working with blunt-ended posts. 


Even better, the skid steer post driver comes with large ergonomic handles that make it easy for you to maneuver the whole machine. Set up fencing, roadblocks, and other types of barriers with the help of our powerful hydraulic post driver.


MULTI-FUNCTIONAL - From mounting fence poles to set up roadblocks, our gas-powered post driver is ideal for all. The various different attachments included with the post hole driver are all fit for specific situations when mounting poles and posts to the ground.


BUILT TO LAST - Simply put, this pile driver was built to last for plenty of years. It features a heavy-duty and rugged design which prevents the t post driver from breaking down despite regular use.


EASY ASSEMBLY - Our post driver comes with all the components that you need to fully set it up. All that you have to do is to fill up the tank with gas, fit an attachment to the fence post driver, and power it up by pulling on the handle.


Displacement: 32.7CC

Impact Frequency: 1700-2230min-1

Impact Energy: 25-45J

Max Power and Speed: 900w (1.2HP) /6500r/min

Max Torque and Speed: 1.45N.m/5000r/min

Engine Type: 36x32mm; single cylinder; air cooling; 2 stroke

Fuel Type: Mixed oil (25 gasoline: 1 motor oil)

Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.9L

Fuel Consumption Rate: ≤0.5L/h

Carburetor Type: 1 E36F-2A.1

Spark Plug Type: L6

Starter System: Hand pull start

Piling Heads Size: Φ66mm; Φ75mm; H66mm

Overall Dimension: 22 3/8" x 11" x 12 3/16"

Weight: 33lbs


1x Post Pounder

1x Piling Head

2x Chisels

1x Toolkit

1x Oil Can (empty)

1x Lubricating Grease

10x Safety Face Shields

2x Safety Goggles

2x Manuals


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