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Product Story

Do you have a restricted hearing ability? Would you like a clearer, amplified sound both indoors and outdoors? Then the digital Hearing Aids are ideal for you. With a comfortable fit behind the ear, and 3 different sized earplugs included to create the perfect fit for you. Have you found yourself avoiding social situations because you feel embarrassed having to constantly as people to repeat themselves or you struggle to hear what everyone’s talking about? Don’t let this be your life any longer and get yourself back out there confidently with the 2pcs digital hearing aids.

The hearing aids can amplify sounds both indoors and outdoors by 50dB, with a maximum audio output of 130dB and a frequency range of 300-4000Hz. No costly 'special' hugely-expensive batteries required! A replacement battery is also provided so you can enjoy the benefits of your new hearing amplifier for longer. The hearing aids are presented in a useful storage box, to keep your Hearing Amplifier safe when not in use.

- Super mini size and lightweight, easy and comfortable to wear
- Silicone ear pads in 3 different sizes, suitable for any form of ear
- Convenient wear
- Volume Adjustable
- Low noise, low distortion;
- Anti-shock, anti-drop, moisture-proof, high-temperature proof
- Help people with hearing impairment to hear sound and voice

Where can you use your hearing amplifier?
You can wear your new hearing aid to social situations to clearly hear your friends and family, or to watch the TV happily without having to lip read. The hearing amplifier is also perfect to wear out on those special occasions where you need a little extra help. Evening meals, day trips, cinema visits, and much more. 

Packing list:

Principal machine * 1 Earplugs * 3 Instructions* 1 Charger * 1 Package box * 1

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