3.5W Solar Fountain Pump with 6 Fountain Water Styles And LED Lights

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Solar Fountain Pump, 3.5W Solar Powered Water Fountain Pump with 6 Fountain Water Styles, LED Lights, for Bird Bath, Aquarium, Fish Tank, Garden, Pool, Pond and Lawn Decoration



  • Solar fountain is a landscape fountain product that uses solar panels to drive water pumps.
  • This product uses high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar panels and a new type of brushless submersible pump, which has the advantages of fast start-up and strong stability.
  • In addition, the product floats on the water, no external power supply is required, easy installation and simple operation.
  • It is widely used in garden decoration, bird bath, small pond water circulation aeration, rockery fountain and other places. As long as the sun shines, the work can be started.

The brushless submersible pump adopts high-sensitivity and low-power Hall elements, coupled with efficient and intelligent electronic circuit drive, and adopts the volute design in fluid mechanics for the impeller cavity to reduce the resistance of water flow, so that the overall performance is better than the traditional structure of the water pump. The efficiency of the water pump is increased by 20%, and the water pump spray effect with low light (cloudy, unstable sunlight, etc.) under the same solar panel power is more prominent. It is equipped with 6 completely different nozzle accessories, and the spray style is more and the effect is better.

Name: Solar Fountain Light
Material: Engineering Plastic
Colour: Black
Product size: 160mm*160mm*30mm/6.29in*6.29in*1.18in
Net weight: 370g
Gross weight: 370g
Solar panel voltage: 5V
Solar panel power: 3.5W
Solar panel size: 160mm
Pump voltage: DC 4V
Pump power: 0.5W
Maximum lift: 100cm
Maximum flow: 200L/H
The highest spray height: 50cm, the height of spray water will be different if different nozzles are connected.
Built-in high-performance rechargeable lithium battery 1500mAh (the longest working time is 4-6 hours under full charge)
Battery life: 300-500 cycles of charging
Working time: the longest battery life is 3 hours all day and night
When the sun is weak or the weather is bad, the battery will assist the fountain to work. When the solar fountain works and the solar panel has excess power, the battery will be charged;
LED light mode: When the fountain is working automatically, it will automatically detect the darkness at night, and the LED light will work automatically.

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