Portable Shiatsu Shoulder Massager

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Product Story

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get a massage whenever you have sore muscles? You may think that’s impossible because Spas and Massage Parlours are not open 24/7. But that’s just because you haven’t heard about the Portable Shiatsu Shoulder Massager.

portable massager

The Portable Shiatsu Shoulder Massager has 360-degree kneading massage rollers that rotate forward or backward. The massager has 16 massage rollers with infrared heating function.

Portable Neck Massager

The Portable Shiatsu Shoulder Massager is very versatile and can be used to massage any part of your body. It can be used to massage your neck, back, shoulders, butt, thighs, legs and feet. All you need to do is press the part of the massager with rollers to your sore or fatigued body part and watch it do its magic.

All Body Parts Massager

The Portable Shiatsu Shoulder Massager can be used anywhere: at home, work, in your car, etc. All you have to do is strap it on and get rid of your sore muscles, shoulders and back, anywhere and anytime you want.

Shiatsu Shoulder Massager

The Portable Shiatsu Shoulder Massager is made with cotton and ABS. The Shoulder massager has a three-layer design with a premium PU leather first layer, a middle soft sponge layer and a breathable nylon mesh fabric at the last layer where the massager touches your skin.

Easy to use Massager

The Shoulder Massager has an ergonomic U-design which allows you to strap on the massager somewhat like a backpack. To make it more convenient to use, the massager has an oversized glove design where you can tuck your hands and hold it suspended as you allow the massager to work its magic on your shoulders. The massager is also pretty easy to clean and maintain.

Portable Shiatsu Massager

The Shiatsu Shoulder Massager has 3 massage intensity levels that provide different heating pressure and kneading strength. All you have to do is to choose the right massage intensity that fits your body fatigue or muscle pains. And to ensure that the massager is used on the right body part such as your neck or back rather than your shoulders, you can adjust the long handle straps.

Although the Shiatsu Massager has a built-in infrared heating function, it is quite safe to use. The soothing heat at the head of the massage rollers will help to improve your body’s blood circulation. And to ensure that there is no overheating, it will automatically shut off after about 15-20 minutes of use.

Back Massager

Although the Portable Shiatsu Shoulder Massager has a high-performance heating and kneading massage function, it is not as noisy as many massagers can be. This is because it has a mute mlectric motor with running sounds less than 60 decibels.

Massager with mute motor sounds

The Portable Shiatsu Shoulder Massager is a great gift for any of your friends and family members. This is all because it can be used by almost everyone and it is perfect for home, office, car and even travel use with its AC adapter and 12V car adapter.

Shiatsu Back Massager
Portable Shiatsu Shoulder Massager



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