Comfy Soothing Cat Carrier Pouch - The Original AS SEEN ON TV

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Product Story

  • 2-IN-1: CAT CARRIER & GROOMING POUCH. Purrfect Pouch cradles them in comfort & helps keeps them CALM.


  • SIZE & DURABILITY: Each pouch is 24” X 14” & holds up to 14lbs of weight. The pouch is roomy allowing your cat to stretch & get comfy. Made with RIP-STOP material - making the pouch CLAW PROOF


  • EASY TO USE: Unzip Purrfect Pouch, bunch the fabric up near the collar, slip over your cat’s head, and zip Purrfect Pouch closed. For hesitant cats, please allow time for them to become familiar with Purrfect Pouch and introduce the product slowly and with care


  • SECURE & COMFORTABLE: Hook & loop collar is adjustable for the PURRFECT fit! Easily tightened to secure your cat or loosen to take off. The pouch keeps them comfy & safe


  • SPECIAL FEATURES: Purrfect Pouch includes a convenient shoulder strap that makes it easy to carry your feline friend. The front paw openings make it easy to clip the kitty’s paws. Unzip the pouch slightly to clip the back paws. The shoulder strap can be secured with a seat belt for safe car rides. WATER RESISTANT


cat carrier pet carrier cat grooming pet grooming


cat carrier pet carrier cat grooming pet grooming 

cat carrier pet carrier cat grooming pet grooming

Product Description:

Material: Synthetic Fibers Cloth

Color: Blue

Size: Durable Neck: 11cm/4.33"-36cm/14.17" Length*Width:48cm/18.9"*38cm/14.96"


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