Powerful Portable Gas Powered Chainsaw 25.4CC 2-Stroke 1KW 12'' Bar

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Product Story

Take on thick tree trunks and rough materials with extreme ease by powering up our heavy-duty and reliable chainsaw. Unlike its electric counterpart, our premium gas chainsaw guarantees more power, making woodcutting more manageable and less strenuous.

Better yet, the power chainsaw requires very little effort to ignite so that you can start your woodcutting jobs within minutes without fail. Work on a variety of woodcutting jobs by taking the big chainsaw with you wherever it's needed.


  Key Features

  1. The fuel tank is bigger to extend the working time.
  2. The guide plate is fixed with double bolts, the guide plate is firm, and the chain is not easy to loosen.
  3. Compared with the traditional engine, the power is larger, up to 1KW,
  4. You can see the fuel tank at any time and observe the changes in the amount of fuel to avoid dry burning without oil.
  5. The primer bulb starts the engine more easily.
  6. Anti-vibration system.
  7. Automatic oil pump and lubrication.
  8. Engine clean air intake system.
  9. Combination damper/switch structure.
  10. Multifunctional chain saw, can cut wood, saw bamboo, garden pruning, artistic root carving.
  11. Ultra-small size and weight design, simple operation, easy to use, and more labor-saving, and can be used on trees.
  12. Can be started very quickly, light but powerful.
  13. Small displacement, more energy-saving and environmental protection, longer sustainable working time.
  14. Strong motivation and higher work efficiency.


Item Specifics

  • Engine type: Single-Cylinder Air-Cooled Two-Stroke
  • Maximum torque RPM: 9800RPM/1KW
  • Spark plug type: L7RT
  • Carburetor form: Diaphragm type
  • Fuel mixing ratio: 25:1 (90 gasoline: 2 cycle oil)
  • Fuel tank capacity: 260 ml
  • Engine tank capacity (capacity): 180 ml
  • Maximum cutting diameter: 12 inches
  • Saw chain lubricant: Oil SAE10W-30
  • Syringe Shape: Star
  • Guide type: With Strep Head

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