Plush Cave Cat Bed

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Cat Bed

Have you ever wondered why cats love to sleep in your dirty laundry? Or drape themselves around you to sleep? The main reason behind this is that their flexible bodies need extra fluffy cushioning when they relax after doing a lot of acrobatic moves during the day.



Give your kitties what they deserve for being so good this year with our Plush Cave Cat Bed. It is the softest and fluffiest pet bed ever!



Promotes Deep & Restful Sleep - Made of attractive and luxurious faux fur, this soft warm cat bed is ideal for cats or small dogs to snooze off. With its round shape, it cuddles and envelopes your pet into the softest embrace that will allow them to experience deep and restful sleep.  



The raised wall around this donut pet bed provides a sense of security for your furry friend and super-soft filling offers body pain relief after an action-filled day. This fluffy soft pet bed is the best haven for your adorable pets.

Luxurious Comfort - This comfortable cave bed provides the most luxurious sleep and comfort for your lovely feline friend. With its fluffy surface and the inner layer filled with high-loft recycled polyester fabric, he/she will sleep like a king/queen.



In this flexible and cozy fur bed, your cat can do all the stretches and boneless poses that he/she wants to get back muscle flexibility after some acrobatic moves of the day.



Its shaggy smooth finish is the same as that of a mother's fur coat which provides them comfort thus letting them experience good sleep which in return will improve behaviour as well as better health.



Anti-slip Bottom & Easy to Clean - To create a stable and durable place for your furry friend, this soft cat bed is designed with anti-slip silicone grips at the bottom of the fabric to keep it stable and the waterproof fabric also helps to keep your floor clean.



This pet bed is super easy to clean, just throw the whole bed in the washer and choose the gentle cycle, do not bleach, and do not use the dryer to avoid matting. The natural drying method is encouraged.



Non-toxic Materials - Our first and primary concern for every product we buy for our pets is if it is made of pet-safe materials. This pet bed is made of non-toxic premium filler materials that are safe, durable, and don't contain any harmful substances such as mercury, lead, or other heavy metals.







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